Free Legal Advice: 5 Ways From A Qualified & Licensed Lawyer

Free Legal Advice

People tend to assume that free legal advice is just a myth. After all, attorneys are known for charging hundreds of dollars per hour for their legal services. The number one reason that people are hesitant to go to an attorney is due to this perception of their expensive hourly rates. However, there are ways to get free legal advice from real attorneys without having to commit yourself or pay money to them. In fact, most attorneys offer free legal advice because it will help them gain new leads for their own law firm. They are hoping these leads will eventually want to hire them as their attorney based on the free advice provided.

Below are the 5 best ways to get free legal advice from a qualified and licensed attorney in your area.

1) Free Legal Advice from Free Consultations

Free Legal Advice-Most attorneys will offer free consultations

Most attorneys will offer free consultations to anyone in their community. Just research the attorneys in your area who practice the type of law that you need help with. For example, if you have a real estate legal issue, then you would look up real estate attorneys. Find the attorney that looks good to you and call their office. Ask if the attorney offers free consultations. If they do, then schedule an appointment to visit their office so that you can speak with the attorney in person for free.

2) Legal Aid Programs

Free Legal Advice-receive free legal assistance from one of these federal legal aid programs

The federal government funds a wide variety of legal aid programs using grants. These programs are designed to assist people facing various legal issues, such as divorce, landlord disputes, employer disputes, tenant disputes, and so on. If your annual income is under the Federal Poverty Line, then you may be eligible to receive free legal assistance from one of these federal legal aid programs. You can go to to find out more information about whether you qualify. Even though the federal government is funding these programs, they are managed by the individual states. You may live in a state which doesn’t offer this free legal aid. So, be sure to do your research into this.

3) Free Court Services

Free Legal Advice-Legal aid assistance is available at many county

Legal aid assistance is available at many county courthouses in states throughout the country. This type of help is usually offered to people who are facing civil lawsuits or other legal penalties. If you don’t have an attorney already and you are confused about how to handle the pending litigation against you, then contact the appropriate courthouse to request free legal aid. Not all courthouses have them, but it never hurts to ask.

4) Legal Hotlines

Free Legal Advice-call the correct hotline

If you have a serious legal inquiry that you need to make, there are likely free hotlines available in your local area that can help. These hotlines will vary by state, so be sure to call the correct hotline which corresponds to the laws of your own state. You can get legal advice over the phone which pertains to serious situations, such as domestic violence, medical issues, and so on.

5) Legal Forums and Websites

Free Legal Advice-Legal Forums and Website showing up on the internet

Over the last decade, there have been a plethora of legal advice websites showing up on the internet. These websites have a “question & answer” format where ordinary people can post their legal questions for free. All the registered attorneys of these websites can view the questions and post answers to them. Their status as an attorney is verified beforehand, so you won’t get unqualified people answering your questions. On some of these websites, the attorneys can be filtered by location if your legal question pertains to local law. After you receive free answers from one or more attorneys, you’ll have the ability to contact them for a consultation or to retain their legal services if needed.


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