I Need a Lawyer: 5 Reasons When You Realize

I Need a Lawyer: 5 Reasons When You Realize

Do I Need a Lawyer? When a situation arises in your life which is out of your control and requires legal assistance, you may have no choice but to hire a lawyer. People often see this as too big a step to take for virtually any reason. For example, if somebody is suing someone else, the defendant may be afraid to hire a lawyer because it will make the whole case seem too real. People tend to downplay their legal situations by thinking they will just work themselves out. Unfortunately, you could end up suffering in the end if you continue to have this mindset.

There is nothing wrong with saying to yourself, “I need a lawyer.” It is the first step in getting the professional legal representation that you need in a situation that requires knowledge of the law. You may want to hire a lawyer if you’re getting divorced, purchasing a home, being sued, starting a business, making a will, evicting a tenant, and the list just goes on. Each one of these situations revolves around your finances in some way. If you fail to hire a lawyer and continue to represent yourself in any of these situations, then you could find yourself making a huge mistake that will cost you a lot of money. 

Below are the top 5 situations which will require you to say, “I need a lawyer.”

1) I need a lawyer: Facing Family Troubles

I need a lawyer: Facing Family Troubles

Family law lawyers specialize in all legal matters pertaining to families. If your spouse wants to divorce you or you want to divorce them, then you will want to hire a lawyer that specializes in family law. There are two reasons why lawyers can be invaluable in divorce proceedings. For starters, they can help you retain as many of your assets as possible so that they don’t go to your spouse. A lawyer can also help you with custody arrangements and child support. If you are given primary custody of your children, your lawyer will fight to ensure that your ex-spouse pays you child support.

2) Criminal Charges

I Need a Lawyer For Criminal Charges

If you are charged with a crime, then you will need a criminal lawyer. Sometimes these lawyers specialize in certain types of criminal cases, such as murder, robbery, fraud, and so on. Criminal courts will usually give people the right to defend themselves, but this is considered to be a foolish move. The defense must understand the law if they are going to be effective in a courtroom. In the United States, everyone has the right to a lawyer after they’re charged with a crime. If someone cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to them.

3) Business Matters

I need a Lawyer For Business Matters

People who open businesses and enter into legal contracts will certainly want a lawyer to oversee these matters. Although you could perform them yourself, a lawyer will ensure that they are done right. Legal contracts are very tricky, and they must have the correct legal language and terminology. Otherwise, it could come back to haunt you later.

4) Civil Suits

Civil Suits-I need a Lawyer

If you are being sued for a few thousand dollars or less, then it might not be worth hiring a lawyer because you will be paying them more money in the end. But if you are being sued for tens of thousands of dollars or more, then a civil lawyer can help you protect your net assets and life savings. They will even go to civil court and defend you if it comes to that.

5) Real Estate Issue

For Real Estate Issue I need a Lawyer

Real estate buyers and sellers may want to hire a lawyer if they are purchasing an expensive property. Real estate lawyers can look over sales contracts, due diligence agreements, and other relevant contracts so that you understand what is in them. Also, if you are a landlord who needs to evict tenants, a real estate lawyer can help you with that too. 

You may contact your local bar association, or visit the American Bar Association for more information. 


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